Отзывы о компании по перевозкам личных вещей Парустранс 

“….. Everyone is very polite and very professional…..”
Dennis Fred Parker, US Embassy Moscow - Moving from Moscow to New Mexico, USA. May, 07,2010
“….. Very good and prompt service. Thank you! I will recommend your company anytime!...”
Veronique Faucher - Moving from Moscow to London. April, 26, 2010
“…. Great cooperation! We will recommend the movers….”
Konstantinos Delialis, Coca Cola - Moving from Illinois, USA to Moscow. April, 08, 2010
“…. Everything was excellent. Thanks very much!.... “
Richard Saenz, BP - Moving from Houston, USA to Moscow. January, 13, 2010
“… Everything was extremely perfect, thank you very much, you are very good!...”
Марина Перова, British American Tobacco - Переезд из Москвы в Бухарест, Румыния, 5 марта 2010
“…. Everything was according to high-level standards…..”
Dmitry Shikhov, British American Tobacco - Moving from Moscow to Southampton, the UK. January, 08, 2010
“… Excellent service at all stages…”
Екатерина Кафырина, British American Tobacco - Переезд из Москвы в Лондон, Великобритания, 30 июля 2010
“… Very cooperative and hardworking crew, and also very friendly!..."
Jeroen Both, British American Tobacco - Moving from Moscow to Singapore. June, 11, 2010
“… Thank you for a very good cooperation and especially good packing of paintings….”
Anna Achermann, Credit Suisse - Moving from Moscow to Switzerland. June, 20, 2010
“… The crew was most helpful with assembling and repairing some items. We are very impressed with their professional attitude and friendliness. Than you!....”
Blackie Swart, Citibank - Moving from London to Moscow. December, 15, 2010
“… The personnel is outstanding and very knowledgeable…”
David Potte - Moving from Kiev to Moscow. December, 04, 2010
“… Both crews at origin and destination were excellent. I could not fault them in any way. Thank you!...”
Mathew Keats, Linklaters - Moving from London to Moscow. September, 06, 2010
“… Everybody I react with was very polite and helpful – I would recommend to anybody…”
Colin McLeod, REAL International - Moving from Moscow to Paris. March, 18, 2009
“…. Overall service was good; people were cooperative and quite efficient….”
Tomasz Lazarowicz, Nestle - Local move within Moscow. October, 08, 2009
“… Excellent service – right attitude….”
Anna Salnikova, British American Tobacco - Moving from Moscow to London. September, 24, 2009
“… I was very pleased with the quality and accuracy of your services. All the belongings came on time and in the right shape. The crew was friendly and polite…”
Evgeny Naumov, British American Tobacco - Moving from Moscow to San Jose, Costa Rica. August, 19, 2009
“…. I’m very impressed with reaction of your employees: when I ask “Can you… or is it possible…” the answer is always “Yes!”…”
Valery Pozdnyakov, British American Tobacco - Moving from Moscow to Tennessee, USA. September, 27, 2009
“…. Very helpful personnel, exceeding expectations on commitment and willingness to help. Very polite and neat, effective working during the move….”
Анна Петрова, British American Tobacco - Перевозка личных вещей из Москвы в Амстердам, Голандия, 17 июня 2009
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