If you are relocating to Malta, as an individual or business, there are some processes to take into consideration. The island offers many benefits for foreign individuals to move to Malta. Furthermore, Malta is home to a great quality of life, in combination with a great climate and many points of attraction. This makes the island a great place to live and work. Furthermore, Malta attracts thousands of companies to relocate their operations, due to ample tax incentives presented by the government.

If you are seeking luxury properties in Malta to live in, look no further from Welcome Center Malta (WCM). Welcome Center Malta’s main objective is to assist individuals and companies with their relocation to the island. Apart from providing crucial and updated information, WCM also connects its clients with some of the best service providers in Malta.

When it comes to real estate in Malta, WCM has an extensive portfolio featuring some of the most exclusive properties available on the island. You can find high-end apartments, villas, palazzos and houses of character in abundance. Simply state what you are looking for and you will be soon living in your dream home. Other services that come hand in hand with your relocation are their concierge service and luxury charters.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Welcome Center Malta provides assistance to individuals looking to open a company in Malta. Additional services include finding office spaces, opening a bank account, insurance and auditing.

Moreover, WCM also assists companies wanting to launch STO in Malta. With initial coin offerings and security token offerings, companies can generate funds for their ventures from a much larger pool of investors. With the aid of incentives in Malta, there is a significant increase in STOs and ICOs in Malta.



Welcome Center Malta

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